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Cocktail Wedding Receptions

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Cocktail wedding receptions are continuing to rise in their popularity and there is a reason for that! The traditional 'sit down wedding' is not for everyone and even considered a little 'old hat'.

In this day and age, many couples want to express their style and their personality on the most important day of their lives and a traditional sit down, names on tables, sit next to "Aunty May" all night (who you haven't seen in 10 years) is not how they want you to remember their wedding.

You can escape Aunty May, relax and be social and have conversations with people when a cocktail party is on. The effect this has on a party is unachievable at a 'sit down' wedding.

More importantly, the Bride and Groom can mingle with everyone that is near and dear to them.

A cocktail wedding can ooze sophistication without the price tag, you have so many more food choices and offerings that can impress with little or minimal effort. Imagine your own stylish Veuve and oyster bar or sending everyone home with a 'street food' style hot dog and chips. No matter what end of the spectrum you are at, a well-planned stand-up cocktail event can always impress.

This doesn't mean that throwing a successful cocktail wedding is easy, though, and that you cannot get it wrong! One of the biggest mistakes we see during cocktail weddings is venues not providing enough seating and not bringing out the larger canapé dishes until everyone is already filled with champagne. Nobody wants to be starving with sore feet!

We find that if you have a few larger dishes to begin with and have enough seating for at least half your guests, you are already on the way to a successful cocktail wedding reception. Talk to Mångata today about your perfect cocktail wedding and we will make it happen!